Ava Wilson


The Driftwood Diaries reviews:

"What a clever way of hooking me into the lives of those who left behind a little piece of themselves. The writer knows the pull of peeking inside a diary of another person. Each person had a secret and the writer weaves in clues all t h e way through. I felt I knew each family and caredwhat happened to each." - WT

 "I love stories about women overcoming challenges, and these women and
their stories were an inspiration. I shared your book with my mom, who is not
usually a fast reader, but she ate it up!"  Debbie M., Washington

"....everyone loved your book.  Believe me, it is hard to get the
whole group to 'love' a book." - CBH's Book Club, Athens, AL 

 Under a Klondike Sky reviews:

"This is a work of fiction that is so well written that I felt compelled to follow Abigail's route in my atlas. The characters are fully fleshed and all open plot lines are addressed so you are not left hanging in limbo. Klondike Sky is a work I will probably read again." A.M.C.

"If you liked the author's first book, you will also really enjoy this one --maybe even more so! Sweeping descriptions of day-to-day life in Alaska and the strong women who make it their home. Great book." - TB, Washington

"I didn't know much about the Alaskan Gold Rush beforehand and I found myself easily transported to the Klondike and the early 1900s. Finished this book in 2 sittings. I enjoy stories that keep you guessing and this one has quite a surprise at the end." - BD, Oregon 

High Desert Angel review:

"I HAD to give it 5 stars!!!! This is my favorite Ava Wilson book so far. Reminiscent of Three Came Home and A Town Like Alice, this book is an epic story. Historically accurate without being overly dry, a sweet love story without being sappy, and vivid, fantastic descriptions of war and internment for a young Oregon nurse. I stayed up too late reading it and will be tired tomorrow, but oh was it worth it." JB, Washington 

I chose this rating because I felt Author Wilson's research was spot on describing the trials and tribulations of World War !! in the Pacific. I felt her passion for the nurses treating the worst of patients and managing to survive it to complete their lives. Her descriptive writing of the beauty of the high desert in Oregon was particularly interesting to someone who has travelled there. This book would be an impressive gift for anyone who is interested in historic fiction. It is not gory but truly depicts the terrible side of war. Jan W, Alaska