Ava Wilson



                          The Driftwood Diaries

Three women's stories are revealed in their diaries found by a book store owner. An abused wife finds herself lost in the wilderness of Kodiak Island, Alaska. Marie discovers love and bravery in the face of overwhelming obstacles. Another young woman travels by wagon to Colorado and Texas after the Civil War, hiding a scandalous secret. Susan's diary reveals a husband's betrayal, and her struggle to make a home for her children on the tall grass prairie of Texas.  Margaret, as an aging grandmother, remembers a special Valentine's Day while growing up poor during  the Great Depression.

 Published 2010 by Crooked River Publishing

Printed in the USA   ISBN 978-0-615-42109-4

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                                  Under a Klondike Sky

Letters found in an antique sewing box describe Abigail Parker’s journey to the Klondike gold fields in 1898. The long trip by stagecoach and railway from central Oregon to Seattle is just the beginning of a story rich in detail with harrowing adventures and poignant love. Soon after her steamboat arrives in Dawson City, Abigail is forced to deal with disaster and betrayal in the hostile environment. Befriended by dressmakers Molly and Esther, performer Klondike Kate, and the beautiful half-breed Etta, she survives her first ice-bound winter in a small log cabin. The clamor for almighty gold shapes the town’s inhabitants, causing men and women alike to justify the means to acquire it. Three very different men come into Abigail’s life, but only one deserves her love.     

Published 2012 by Crooked River Publishing

Printed in the USA ISBN 978-0-615-63536-1

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High Desert Angel


Rosalie Evans, bookseller, rescues an old photo album from a rummage sale and returns it to the elderly owner. The story behind a photo of two young women reveals years of hope, desperation, betrayal and everlasting love. In 1937, seventeen year old Ivy Reese dreams of leaving her family's desolate ranch in southern Oregon. The Great Depression and drought has brought the region to its knees, but Ivy's widowed mother is determined to hang onto the ranch to keep it in the family. A shameful secret eventually leads to Ivy's escape to a life of promise. When World War II erupts, Ivy is caught far from home, trapped in the killing fields of the Pacific. It seems impossible that she will survive to rejoin her lover; however, Ivy discovers that she is as stubborn and strong as her mother.


 Published 2014 by Crooked River Publishing

Printed in the USA ISBN 978-0-615-96353-2

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Also available on kindle http://www.amazon.com/High-Desert-Angel-Ava-Wilson-ebook/dp/B00JIATJR8