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The Driftwood Diaries, my first novel, introduced readers to Rosalie Evans, a bookseller of rare items in Portland, Oregon. Rosalie discovers diaries and memoirs among her books, that reveal brave women in challenging situations, from Kodiak, Alaska to post Civil War Texas. In 2012, Under a Klondike Sky  reprised Rosalie's curiosity of mementos she finds among her books.This historical novel once again demonstrates the resilience of a determined woman when fate sweeps her from Central Oregon to the Yukon Gold Fields in 1898.

 High Desert Angel, third book in the Rosalie Evans Bookseller Series, follows young Ivy Reese from the family ranch in southern Oregon, as her life tailspins into a dark place, far from her Oregon home:

"By July of '44 my hair began falling out; malnutrition was our meanest enemy. I was never so hungry, even back in the hard days on the ranch. All of us looked angular, with jutting shoulder blades and bony hips. I sold another silver charm from my bracelet to buy some rice, dried mystery meat, and a few bananas, since the daily ration had been reduced again to about 700 calories. While chewing on a strip of dried meat, one of my teeth just fell out. My gums were so swollen that all my teeth were loose, so I had to be more careful after that. Mabel was no longer able to work, which meant she received less food. I was afraid that was the fate of us all. Our misery was compounded by the downpours that came every afternoon, turning the shacks into steaming boxes that the resident rats invaded to escape the torrents rushing down the paths. Every night, I wondered if I would ever see my lover again. My life in Fort Rock was just a faint memory."

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